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Marketing for Realtors! Postcards, flyers, bookmarks, door tags and more.

Indiana Security Prescription Forms
State Approved Printer!!!
Tamper resistant Rx pads. Doctors, Clinics, Hospitals order Indiana approved scripts with required safety features. - Sale restricted and subject to verification.

Upload your printing files
we print from your PDF files sent to us electronically
From the convenience of your office you can send us your printing jobs. You can upload your electronic fileplace orders and request a quote, view and approve a proof, and pay with a credit card. Convenient and easy to use for those who have their printing job already prepared in electronic format! Password not required to send files or request estimates. Click here for general file format information.

Graphics Group On-line Store
standard, everyday printed items you customize on-line
Order letterheads, envelopes or business cards quickly and conveniently. Items are pre-priced and all you have to do is add your name and address information. Simply type in the copy you want printed and view what it will look like in real-time. (You can also upload a logo or a .pdf file for printing)  Check out and pay by credit card. Click here for general file format information. 

personalized printing from a template
This is a web based, print-on-demand application that permits you or your dealers, salespeople, branch offices, etc. to customize and order pre-designed documents. It is ideal for brochures, sales literature, letterheads, business cards or practically any document requiring address or name personalization. Click here for demonstration.

Printing-on-Demand is password protected and allows only the people you permit to order and customize pre-setup jobs/forms to the extent that you have pre-determined. Only people you grant access can order directly from this site and pay by credit card.  Call today to include your printed items at NO COST in this program.

Never-Run-Out® Reorder Program
it's easy to reorder from a custom listing of your printing jobs 
This is a great way of keeping track of the printing you order. Enter your password and view on-line an image of your most frequently printed documents. Each has its ordering history and can quickly and easily be re-ordered before you run out. Contact us with a list of items we already provide for you or files you would like included. Password required to access your files. To log-in and view your Personal Product Catalog - Click here. 

Never-Run-Out Reorder Program is a customizable web-based solution designed by Graphics Group, Inc., to aid customers in reordering jobs.  Only people with your password can order or view your files.  This is a great way to store your documents and jobs for future ordering and keeping you informed where you last ordered.

Existing Local Clients
Are you confused how our on-line services will work for you since this in not your normal method of doing business with us?  If you already purchase from Graphics Group, Inc., nothing needs to change.  Our web-site simply gives you some additional options.  Continue to Phone/Fax or E-mail reorders or request for quotes.  If you are an open account customer, you get billed as usual. Call today to have a salesperson explain how our additional on-line services can benefit you. 

Shop immediately from our website without a password.

All public areas of this website are accessible without a password or creating an account. When you place an order, you will be prompted to create a password protected account. Once you have this password you will be able to view the status of your current orders, review your order history or place reorders. This will also save you the necessity of re-entering all your address information. 

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